1883 Jasper County Biographies

These are the names we have so far processed.
We are using the
Counties of Warren, Benton, Jasper & Newton Indiana - Historical and Biographical,
F. A. Bettey & Co., Publishers. Chicago: 1883
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Abbett, James T.
Alter,Dr. M.B.
Bates, N.S.
Beaver, William H.
Bedford, F.W.
Benjamin, Rial
Bicknell, John L.
Blue, Philip
Brown, George H.
Burk, George W.
Buswell, George D.
Buswell, Thomas
Buswell, Rev. William M.
Carlin, John
Chilcote, Mordecai F.
Coen, John
Cotton, F.L.
Davisson, Thomas H.
Duvall, John W.
Dwiggins, Robert Starbuck
Fendig, R.
Ferguson, Braziller F.
Grant, Daniel
Halstead, Rev. D.T.
Hammond, Edwin Pollok
Hengesbach, Frank
Hurley, Theodore
James, Horace Edwards
Leopold, Abraham
McEwen, James W.
Marshall, George E.
Martin, Charles T.
Martin, James
Nowels, David
Nowels, Ezra C.
Nowels, William R.
Nowels, Charles D.
Nowels, D.B.
Parkison, Joseph V.
Parris, Berry
Phillips, Simon
Price, Charles H.
Randle, J.T.
Randle, Nelson
Randle, William H.
Reynolds, John G.
Rhoades, Charles
Ritchey, James
Robinson, Joseph
Sears, Francis J.
Sigler George
Spitler, Zechariah
Stackhouse, C.D.
Starr, Charles C.
Thompson, Simon P.
Warner, Norman
Warner, Marshall P.
Washburn, I.B.
Watson, Henry H.
Welsh, James
Wilcox, G.M.
Wood, Harvey W.
Wright, Willis J.
Yeoman, Allen J.
Yeoman, D.H.
Yeoman, Lewis K.
Yeoman, James A.
Yeoman, Samuel E.
Yeoman Stephen
Zea, Lyman A.

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